Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tie Dying T-shirts

About two years ago, I was finishing up a load of laundry, and decided to wash one of my beach sarongs for the first time... when I  was transporting the laundry from washer to dryer, I realized the red dye from the sarong had transferred to the other clothing... 
...nothing was left unscathed... 
A load of laundry was completely damaged and it was all my fault! Some of the clothing (along with the sarong) I just threw out....but other items I loved too much and decided to keep them marks and all. 

Unfortunately, one of my favorite V-neck t-shirt was in that "wash from hell" and I stopped wearing it out in public... I should just buy a new shirt, but feel wasteful having a perfectly good -but slightly smudged- shirt at home. 
 Last night I decided I should just take the plunge and tie dye the whole thing.Sometimes mistakes can become beautiful surprises.

This is the video I found on YouTube... Stay tuned for the final design!

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