Monday, August 23, 2010

The Reason For Sugar Cravings

Why I had the urge to chug a large glass of water every night before bed in high school still is a conundrum to me...inevitably, it always lead to the same outcome. Like clockwork, my body informs my mind that it needs to go to the bathroom. As I come back to bed, I thank the energies above for the next 4 hours of sleep I am about to be blessed with, and let the creaking noises of my childhood home lull me back to sleep. This was a steady routine that I rarely deviated from. So rarely, that I can remember most of the nights that ran differently. Sometimes, my brother would fall asleep with the television on downstairs, and I would walk down to turn it off before Mom woke up and had a fit. Other nights, rain would be pounding down, and Mom would come downstairs to sleep with me. All normal situations...all but one night, which happens to be my favorite craving memory of all time...

3 o'clock arrives and I wake up with my regular blatoral urge. I do my business, wash my hands, and make my way back to the bedroom. As I lay down and start my usual pray, a funny noise comes from the kitchen. Hoping that it is my brother with munchies and not a burglar, I get my butt back out of my comfy bed, and wander into the kitchen. As soon as I flick on the light, I see my mothers startled head fly out of our kitchen cabinet. Marshmallows fill every crevice of her much so, that she has a hard time closing it.
In shock from getting caught, she drops the white puffs that fill her hand and attempts to yell out a gurgling "wahhaatt arrr yuouu dowwin yuuup?". As I start laughing hysterically, she finishes chewing, attempting with all of her might to keep a straight face. I tell her she has a real sugar problem, and she tells me to get back in bed.
You see, my Mom was eating marshmallows only because she already polished off all other sugary foods. As I look back at that memory, I realize her blood sugar was most likely out of balance. Regularly craving sugar is our bodies way of letting us know our blood sugar levels are out of wake. When blood sugar is out of line, your body can feel like you are riding a never ending roller-coaster ride. As the immediate sugar lifts you up, your moods and energy tend to go up as well. But, very shortly after, you and your mood comes crashing back down.

Good news is that this can be fixed! There are great food options that will help balance your blood sugar naturally, lifting your energy levels, concentration, comfort and happiness!

1. Make sure your diet encompasses a large variety of Whole grains and fresh vegetables. Both will help tame sugar cravings, and keep your energy at a more consistent level.
2. If you are looking to curb a sweet tooth that already exists, try eating yams, sweet potatoes, or squash. All have natural sugar, but do not elevate blood sugar in the same ways other sugary foods can.
3. Incorporate spirulina into your diet. This micro-algae contains 60 to 70 percent complete protein (meat only has about 25%), and is a great tool used to fix cravings, and calm your sweet tooth.


  1. oh Julianna,
    some memories are best left. I was cracking up though. thanks for the advise. I am eating dates right now along with my dark chocolate. Is this better?

  2. Oh Jules...only you could consider yams an acceptable substitute for baked goods... but I still love you! (Was the picture supposed to somehow implicate me for this sugar craving post? Lol)



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