Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beautiful Glass

Walking through the streets of Venice is like walking through a city of glass. The streets of water seem to mimic what is on solid land. Anything and everything that could be designed and blown, seemed to have been created, and cover the streets, restaurants and stores. While walking through the city for the first time, I remember thinking about how majestic the colorful glass made everything look; the way it would shine when the sun ran through it's translucent skin would warmed my creative heart.
Venice has inspired my love and interest with glass; a material one can do so much with! A simple way to dress up any party, is to bring out drinks it beautiful glasses. I personally like to mix and match colors, shapes and designs. If you are having a party anytime soon, think about ditching the Solo's and putting out some beautiful glass work. Yes, the clean up will take a bit longer, and some may break if dropped. But I promise you, the atmosphere will change...drinks taste better when they are drunk out of a beautiful glass! Glass found on House Beautiful 2007

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