Monday, August 30, 2010

Just A Call

The rooster sounds, the sun comes up and my busy day, once on the horizon, has arrived yet again. In the midst of my morning shuffle, I call my sister to say hello. She is walking in the door with one baby in her womb and the other in her arms. We talk for a few moments, laugh for a few more, and go right back to our daily activities.

Why am I sharing this? It's really very simple. Taking time for a loved one reminds me of why my heart should still beat...why I smile everyday, and why I will forever thank the higher energies above for blessing my existence. One call, five minutes, and lingering smile. Take the time. Share your love.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Reason For Sugar Cravings

Why I had the urge to chug a large glass of water every night before bed in high school still is a conundrum to me...inevitably, it always lead to the same outcome. Like clockwork, my body informs my mind that it needs to go to the bathroom. As I come back to bed, I thank the energies above for the next 4 hours of sleep I am about to be blessed with, and let the creaking noises of my childhood home lull me back to sleep. This was a steady routine that I rarely deviated from. So rarely, that I can remember most of the nights that ran differently. Sometimes, my brother would fall asleep with the television on downstairs, and I would walk down to turn it off before Mom woke up and had a fit. Other nights, rain would be pounding down, and Mom would come downstairs to sleep with me. All normal situations...all but one night, which happens to be my favorite craving memory of all time...

3 o'clock arrives and I wake up with my regular blatoral urge. I do my business, wash my hands, and make my way back to the bedroom. As I lay down and start my usual pray, a funny noise comes from the kitchen. Hoping that it is my brother with munchies and not a burglar, I get my butt back out of my comfy bed, and wander into the kitchen. As soon as I flick on the light, I see my mothers startled head fly out of our kitchen cabinet. Marshmallows fill every crevice of her much so, that she has a hard time closing it.
In shock from getting caught, she drops the white puffs that fill her hand and attempts to yell out a gurgling "wahhaatt arrr yuouu dowwin yuuup?". As I start laughing hysterically, she finishes chewing, attempting with all of her might to keep a straight face. I tell her she has a real sugar problem, and she tells me to get back in bed.
You see, my Mom was eating marshmallows only because she already polished off all other sugary foods. As I look back at that memory, I realize her blood sugar was most likely out of balance. Regularly craving sugar is our bodies way of letting us know our blood sugar levels are out of wake. When blood sugar is out of line, your body can feel like you are riding a never ending roller-coaster ride. As the immediate sugar lifts you up, your moods and energy tend to go up as well. But, very shortly after, you and your mood comes crashing back down.

Good news is that this can be fixed! There are great food options that will help balance your blood sugar naturally, lifting your energy levels, concentration, comfort and happiness!

1. Make sure your diet encompasses a large variety of Whole grains and fresh vegetables. Both will help tame sugar cravings, and keep your energy at a more consistent level.
2. If you are looking to curb a sweet tooth that already exists, try eating yams, sweet potatoes, or squash. All have natural sugar, but do not elevate blood sugar in the same ways other sugary foods can.
3. Incorporate spirulina into your diet. This micro-algae contains 60 to 70 percent complete protein (meat only has about 25%), and is a great tool used to fix cravings, and calm your sweet tooth.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beautiful Glass

Walking through the streets of Venice is like walking through a city of glass. The streets of water seem to mimic what is on solid land. Anything and everything that could be designed and blown, seemed to have been created, and cover the streets, restaurants and stores. While walking through the city for the first time, I remember thinking about how majestic the colorful glass made everything look; the way it would shine when the sun ran through it's translucent skin would warmed my creative heart.
Venice has inspired my love and interest with glass; a material one can do so much with! A simple way to dress up any party, is to bring out drinks it beautiful glasses. I personally like to mix and match colors, shapes and designs. If you are having a party anytime soon, think about ditching the Solo's and putting out some beautiful glass work. Yes, the clean up will take a bit longer, and some may break if dropped. But I promise you, the atmosphere will change...drinks taste better when they are drunk out of a beautiful glass! Glass found on House Beautiful 2007

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tomato Onion Salad (Tahini Dressing)

Ok, I know that I am a bit crazy about Tomatoes this summer... but what can I say? I just happen to be a firm believer in utilizing, cherishing and enjoying what is in season. I have found a new salad recipe from Mark Bittman that I will be trying out this weekend..hope you do the same!

Tahini Dressing on a Tomato and Onion Salad

-1 medium red or white onion, peeled and diced

-Salt and Pepper (used to taste)

-1/2 garlic clove, peeled and minced, or to taste

-1/3 cup tahini paste

-1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

-2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, or more to taste

-4 medium tomatoes, cored and chopped

-1/2 cup fresh parsley leaves, chopped


1. Soak onion in salted water while preparing other ingredients (about 30 minutes). Whisk or blend together garlic, tahini and cumin, and add lemon juice. The mixture will become very think, so thin with hot water, a tablespoon at a time, just so the mixture can be spooned (it will thin even greater when tossed with tomatoes).

2. Toss onion, tomatoes and parsley with dressing. Taste, and adjust to seasonings. Serve and enjoy!

* If you really like the taste of raw onion, you can skip the soaking part.
-Serves 4
-30 Minute Creation Time

found on New York Times, Mark Bittman on Food, 2008

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear Dad

I remember the way it felt to cuddle with you on the couch...You, watching Chuck Norris kick some butt...I, listening to your strong and steady heart beat... always wondering if our hearts looked as similar as our eyes did...

Grapefruits for breakfast still make me smile. In one of your sober periods, You would buy Eli and I organic cereal, and would always give us 1/2 of a grapefruit. The taste was like magic in my mouth. For, I never understood how that beautiful pink fruit always tasted sweeter when you made it for took many years to pass before I realized you sprinkled some sugar on top.

During this sober period, Mom let you have us for Christmas. You decorated your apartment with a mini Christmas tree, twinkling lights, candy canes and a few presents by the tree. Standing in the living room, you turned and looked down at me. As our eyes met, I realized just how nervous you were. You looked back at me and blurted " I am sorry, I'm really not used to this, so please bare with me." I immediately smiled...we both knew that I read right through you. I think it had something to do with our matching eyes... eyes that gave me the ability to see into your confused heart...
Dad, I do not think you know how proud I was of you at that moment. You were honest with me, and you were raw...acting on pure love. I spent the rest of Christmas, and beyond thinking about what you said, and thinking about the expression you shared with me through your eyes...thinking about parenthood, life, and the complexities of our human existance. That year, you gave me a boombox and a Toad The Wet Sprocket second grade heart felt like it was about to burst with love...not for the gifts (that I did love), but because of you...the beauty of you in a natural state...That Christmas morning was one of my absolute favorite days I have had on this Earth. Mom came over in her forest green track suit, and we spent hours together. I turned on music from my new gift, and we danced together, while Eli and Mom sat on the couch cracking up at our fabulous moves. Remember you bought that Polaroid camera, and Mom tried hiding every time you pulled it out!...(I did the exact opposite of course).

What's left from Christmas at your apartment? A very happy memory, and that Polaroid camera I love so very much. Maybe its true that we have had more hardship than happiness..but the quality of those good times out weight the quantity of the bad.

Thank you for your love...thank you for my life...for our matching eyes... our matching dance moves, and our matching may be gone from this earth, but you are always pumping through me... helping create the rhythm I dance to in life.

Your Blue Eyed Girl,

Julianna Marie (Sneakypete) Corbett


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