Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Word Day

Last night I met up with my book club friends for some wine, pizza and book-talk. We read 1984 by George Orwell, and I have to say, it was a very good book-club choice. The conversation was great because the book covered so much...but can I tell you a secret? 
I was only able to read half of the book, but I did  finish the rest of it using cliff-notes... so does that still count as read?
 Blame it on my sensitive side (the only real side I have!) but I couldn't do the doom and gloom and heavy emotions any longer! Have you ever stopped reading a book before? This was the first one, and I feel a little liberated (probably because I used to read a book to the end even if I hated it).

Check out this article about the human need for reading, and I find it really interesting. I do not think I ever thought of reading as a true human necessity before, but it absolutely is.

OK, it's time for Friday Word Day!!

Serendipity- The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way; the fact or occurrence of such discoveries.

*Synonyms: offhand, spontaneous, occasional

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