Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Word Day

Last night I went out for ice-cream with Tasya, and you are never going to believe what happened!

So we first go to my favorite frozen yogurt place (previously blogged about - Yogen Fruz) and for some reason, it was closed! Our next option was down the street at a local ice-cream parlor (which is another favorite) called Bob Tail... it was Open!
 Tasya orders a scoop of ice-cream with a shot of espresso on top... have you ever had heard of that?
I had not until that moment, but I am so glad she introduced me! Known as an Affogato, these ice-cream and coffee treats are kinda like an Italians take on the root-beer float...yum!

Ok now it is my time for me to order... because I am in the midst of my chocolate free lent, I ordered a 1/2 scoop of strawberry and a 1/2 scoop of coffee...
...Ice-cream comes, I pay, we leave...
The next thing I know I taking my first bite of coffee -WAITthatsnotcoffee- CHOCOLATE ice-cream!!

They messed up my order! Tasya thought it was divine intervention...and I went with it...even if my gut told me not to go with my atheist friends advice...

All-in-all, it was wonderful and I enjoyed every bite... I also am now in love with Affogatos! the Itlailian translation is "drowned", and that is exactly what the esspresso does to the ice-cream (or gelato). Watch out lemon bars, affogatos are coming in as my new favorite dessert!

Inveigle- To win over by wiles; to acquire by ingenuity or flattery.

*Synonyms: tempt, allure, seduce, entice

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