Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vinegar Shot

I am sick today..I think I may have the flu. My voice is gone, throat is scratched out, eyes burn when I close them, my nose is running and stuffy at the same time, I have a fever, headaches come and go, and I am very fatigued..yes, it sounds like the flu all right. Now what to do? I first call me sister for sympathy, which she gives me right away....still I feel like crap. Next I call my mom & she tells me that she is jealous my body has the chance to get all of it's sickness out. I do not think another person in this world would be jealous of someone's cold besides my dear mother.
Talking to other's just makes my throat hurt more, so no more calls. I have decided to hide under my covers today with Ballou. I will wear my fabulous sleeping-eye-mask to block out the gray sky. Most importantly, when I am not sleeping, I will drink plenty of liquids. One magical liquid I will make sure to drink is apple cider vinegar, hot water and honey. To many this sounds crazy, but I grew up on it as a cure-all substance. Once you get over the smell of vinegar, you will probably enjoy the taste! Vinegar is a cleaning agent and that is exactly what it does inside of you. Vinegar cleans, honey preserves, and water hydrates. Try it morning and night for three days and you will be better in no time. I happen to really enjoy the taste and drink it as a tea, but if you use less water, you can take it like a shot in one or two sips. The slight burn on the throat feels great and you will believe in this drinks healing power once you see the fast results!

Apple Cider Vinegar Shot/Tea

Teaspoon to a tablespoon of honey
Half of a cup to a cup of water
Tablespoon to four tablespoons AC vinegar
- heat water. add all three ingredients into favorite mug and stir well.
- drink up! (believe me, it smells way strong, but does not taste as intense)

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