Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Best Bowls

The last time I decided to bake cookies in my itsy-bitsy kitchen, I found the biggest bowl I owned, plopped in all of the fabulous ingredients, and started mixing. Unfortunately, the ingredients went flying through the air and all over my apartment as soon as I turned on my electric beaters. I tried to stop before I lost too much, but to no avail. I was too late. Naturally, my reaction was to start crying, slide to the floor and wrap my short little arms around my knees. After giving myself a minute-long pity party, I got up, brushed off my frustration, and mixed what was left with my hands... for they were the only tool that I could trust at that time. After this horrid cookie making situation, I started day dreaming about extra large mixing bowls. Weeks later I was over a family friends house baking cookies with her little girls. I have decided that she has the absolute best mixing bowls in the entire world. I am so serious about this! The biggest bowl is big enough to stop any splatter from even starting, and the other bowls work really well for everything else in the kitchen. They are not microwave safe, but I do not own/believe in using microwaves, so that is cool with me. If they were not $75.00 ($70.00 on Amazon) I would have gotten them already. Instead, I just stare at them online with longing. If you are into baking/cooking, you should really invest in these fabulously color-forward amazing..really.

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  1. New Bowls at for $50.00!!!! So exciting



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