Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My friends and I went to a bar-tending competition that became more intense than we could have ever imagined. We came in support of a friend. Most of her competition were seemingly normal and could be found at any great local watering hole. However, a few of them were a bit extreme. One woman's outfit looked like she just cracked open a disco ball and jumped right in. As she was "performing", she had the bar turn to music down so that she could serenade us with "dancing queen" (singing the first verse repetitively) the entire time. Next up to bat was a tinted sunglass wearing, miami beach dressing, Aussi wannabe. But, the grand finale was really with the last finalist, who just topped the whole darn show. She was fully dressed in star wars attire, with a decked out posse to help us all get into the galactic-al mood. Yes, Luke Skywalker was battling Darth behind her, and ewokes were running all around us. I have to admit, this was all slightly amusing, until her smoke machine went on overload and filled the bar with cumulus clouds.
In the end, Princess leia's intergalactic martini and Disco fever's purple Pricilla (which tasted way to much like peanut butter and jelly) won the competition, moving on to the next round in New York. I tried the drinks that were created, and I have to say, I think the whole production was rigged. Even though my friend lost, I enjoyed her drink the most. I do not know if it's because she's my friend, or because it's the only drink my taste-buds could comprehend, but I will share it with you, and you can decide if it is a winning combination!

A Summer to Remember

- Place some frozen green and purple grapes at the bottom of your cocktail glass or tumbler.
-Add two parts of your favorite vodka, one part of your favorite chardonnay, and two parts sparkling white wine. If you want to lessen the alcohol a bit, add a flavored sparkling water here instead.
-Mix very well in a shaker over ice. Pour in glass.
- Take more of your frozen grapes and stuff as many as you can onto a small skewer.
- You may want to play with the ingredients a bit, making the combination to your taste. I think this drink is super refreshing, and really easy to sip on.

This drink might have been a little too simple for the bar-tending competition, but I am a firm believer in the beauty of simplicity.

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