Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Power of Pajama's

What would life be like without the comfort of pajamas? Even in the late middle ages, people slept naked. It was only until much later, with advancements in textile production, that nightgowns were mass produced for men. The origins of pajamas are thought to come from India. In the 1800's, Pj's were introduced to western society and slowly moved around the world.

Sleeping is such a powerful part of life. It is when we recharge our beautiful bodies. We should feel fabulous at night, and take some loving time for ourselves. Instead of throwing on an old t-shirt and sweats, buy some nice pajamas. Investing in beautiful pajamas and soft sheets are two things that help me wake up happy and refreshed. When I am upset and feeling really crappy, I come home, put on the prettiest pajamas I own, wash my face, brush my teeth, comb my hair and look into a mirror and say "I Love You" out loud to myself. This ritual has never failed me...I always feel better. All of this may seem silly to some people, but taking the time to look good, especially when others do not see you, brings on a sort of confidence you might not expect. Care about yourself. You are worth it.

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