Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best Bouillon

Why is it that chicken stocks and bouillon's are tastier than vegetable stocks? As a vegetarian I battled with this problem and never held it against restaurants or recipes when they choose a meatier base. For me, this problem became a challenge that I was bound to conquer....and finally, I think I did! My vegetable stock is phenomenal (I know it is not ladylike to brag, but it's the truth). So how do you make it?
Well, I keep all of the veggie scraps from previous meals in zip-lock bags, stored in the freezer. When I want to make soup or rice, I take out these veggies and boil them in water. Once boiling, I turn to a simmer and add the secret ingredient...Rapunzel vegan vegetable bouillon!!! I am head over heals in love with the whole Rapunzel bouillon line. The company happens to be sustainable, thoughtful and fabulous. When I fall in love with a product, I always want to know the back story. Rapunzel is a German company that was started by three friends. Their goal was to expand sustainable agriculture while providing healthy food options. Sounds like a company I am proud to buy from! To top it off, the products are amazingly tasty. If you do not have vegetable scraps or stock while you are cooking and still want extra meat-free flavor, just add the vegetable bouillon cube into your liquid base, and I promise the meal will be a success.


  1. If you want to get really betty-crocker, i know of an amazing boullin recipe you can make yourself! talk soon babe

  2. boo, boo boollion! who taught you how to cook?
    You are your mothers daughter
    who ya--



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