Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Power of a Smile

When I was walking Ballou the other day, my thoughts were all in-compassing, and I walked around, lost in a sea made from my own mind. For a split second, I took the time to snap out of my head, and made eye contact with a women walking by me. She smiled at me with such warmth, and I smiled back. No words were used in this moment. None were needed. In that instant, she made whole day better. I felt warmth and love from a stranger who took the time to look at me and give me a real smile. The secret to why this particular smile impacted me so much was the depth of her eyes and the love which shown through. When I walk the streets, no matter where I am going, I try to smile with both my eyes and lips at everyone I see. You never know what kind of impact your smile might have on another beings day.

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