Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthing Rights

Last year I saw a documentary that changed my view on childbirth. I can honestly say, this was not a topic I put too much thought into, and always pictured the birth of my babies-to-be in the hospital. Now, I am in love with the idea of home-birth and hope to have the opportunity of experiencing it. Lately I have noticed more and more attention to this topic as well. In Western civilization the majority of births take place in a hospital, and in the States, only a 1/2 of 1 percent of births happen at home, while the exact opposite is true for the rest of the World! When I was very sick, my Dr. was adamant about keeping me out of the hospital. He explained that it was a breeding ground for disease, and not a place for a person with a weak immune system. Now, taking this information into consideration, why in the world would we ever want to give birth to our new-born babies in germ and disease filled infrastructures??HELLO!!! America, it is time we wake up from our urban-modern slumber. I am not pregnant...not even in the realm of thinking about having children...but, that does not mean this situation does not affect me (or all of us for that matter). My sister just had her first child, my godchild, about 14 months ago. I had no idea the implications this beautiful little girl would have on my life. I love her as I have never loved a little baby before and I cannot imagine life without her. I want ever day of her life to be filled with safety, health and love...including her first day on this Earth. If I have these strong feelings for my godchild, I cannot even imagine the amount of love I will have for my own. That is why I am researching more about this topic, and conversing about it with whomever I can find that will humor this conversation. It is so so important that women and men take the time and make their own plan about how they want their child to be born! Take the power and decision back. Please watch "The Business of Being Born"...and form your own opinion! Seriously, you will enjoy this movie no matter how you feel about childbirth.


  1. Hey beautiful jules...homebirth is a great idea and definitely something that interests me, but think about a birthing center first. Homebirths can be somewhat scary because if something goes wrong with you or the baby, a 10 minute hospital ride may mean life or death.
    As you know, there are many ways to make the birth of your child more pleasant for the little being that is being forced out of you and welcomed into the bright lights of the world. Look into birthing centers..they are almost always attached to a hospital. You get all of the experiences of having your baby in a non-hospital environment, but with the medical experts on hand...within reach, if complications were to occur.
    love you and can't wait to see what your views are on this topic when you come to this point in your life. xoxoxo

  2. not sure why that comment just posted under Chris' name!?'s me...yo sista



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