Friday, February 26, 2010


Pictures to prove point #13

You want to know what I love the most about myself? I love my strange quirks. I have realized my habits are what make me laugh, cry and scream. I will share with you what some might think are imperfections, but I like calling them quirks...the things I love the most about who I am .. the things I love to hate the most as well.

- I have cried in every movie I have ever watched (I have never seen a scary movie because I do not believe they should exist).
- I cry from warm and fuzzy commercials on a regular bases.
- I am painfully early wherever I go. Just went to the dentist the other week, and arrived an hour early..No matter where I am going, I will be perpetually early, so I walk around in circles until I am on time...I think it's the anxiety in me...
- I am horrid at spelling and still get my there, their and they're mixed up. I now know that I am still very intelligent, whether I learn how to spell well or not (but that took years of convincing).
- I love with absolutely every ounce of my heart, body and soul....I love...that is what I do..that is what I know. Sometimes this is the worst thing that one can possibly do. I love until I am hurt. I love so much..I become blind. I am trying to learn now how to let go...trying to teach my heart that love is not always the answer..not always enough. Love enough to know when to let go.
- I have hairy arms...yes this is an imperfection in western civilization...I have been told by strangers and friends that I need to wax them..but secretly, I love them..yes, I love every hair on my arms.
- I still look up to my sister, and I always will. She has shown me the beauty of family. She has shown me true love. (not really a quirk, but felt like writing that)
- I, like my Grandma Corbett, keep absolutely everything..every wrapper, every ticket stub, every fortune from my fortune cookies...
- I am anal retentive..Freud would have a field day if I was his patient!
- No matter what I am baking, I always think the recipe calls for way to much sugar, and change the amount. This is not a good idea and has rarely worked out well for the taste-buds.. No matter how many times I make this mistake, I never seem to learn.
-When I feel overwhelmed, I immediately remove all of my jewelry. When I have jewelry on + high anxiety, I feel claustrophobic. When I get really anxious, I have to come home and take off everything I am in, wash my face, brush my teeth, and put on loose, beautiful pajama's under an oversized sweater. Do not know how or why I became this way..but this is what makes me immediately feel better.
-I am a health freak who loves candy and tatter tots.
-I pose in front of the mirror on a daily bases...I take pictures of myself and crack up looking at them later...yes, I laugh at my funny faces..
- I bring leg warmers with me every trip I go on. I take off my shoes on car rides and planes, put my leg warmers on, and sit Indian style.

Ok, this is just the tip of the iceberg with me, but I think you get the point. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder...most people would look at these quirks I have and interpret them as problems, but they are just part of what makes me who I am. I wish that everyone could look into themselves, think about all of the quirks that make them whole, and love themselves for those traits and behaviors. In life, there is always something to learn, some way to grow, and some place to reach higher, but do not forget that we first have to love ourselves where we are, before we can love who we become. It is not about our first day of life, or our last final is what we do in-between.

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  1. I love your quirks because they make you...well, you. I'm honored that you "still" look up to your sister. However, I'm a little scared that I'm the one you look up to...considering our conversation the other day is a prime example
    Me: "Jules. My daughter said the F word". Great. Wonderful. FABULOUS!
    love you and your beautiful quirks!



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