Monday, December 5, 2011

Kale and Roasted Vegetable Soup

Happy Monday! It's Day 1 for the detox, and I did not calculate how much harder it would be with all the wonderful holiday food around. In the winter, we eat foods that keep us warm, and this detox really limits a lot of flavor's (duh, it's a detox!) extra component to the challenge!

I found this awesome looking Kale and roasted vegetable soup recipe, I think it is a pretty tasty treat that works (with a few adjustments to ingredients) on this detox. We  are supposed to be eating mainly raw, but I think I am going to have to throw something warm into the mix to keep John on task (who wanted a bagel and cream cheese this morning, when we were only hours into the first day of our Detox!). 

If you are not on this Detox, please make, eat and enjoy this yummy soup!

Thank you simplyrecipes, for the yummy idea! 

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