Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Years

What are you doing for New Years Eve? John and I are still a little up in the air...

All I know, is that I want to wear a black dress and this bright lipstick for the night:

Fun, right?

I also found a website(beautymark) that listed "the 5 Sexiest makeup looks of all time", which are as follows (taken straight from the website):

Classic, simple and easy ways to rev up your makeup look, here are our fave makeup looks of all time….

The Smokey Eye
Such a great look for anyone wanting to vamp it up.  Stila Smoky Eye Palette $52 makes it easy. Follow the step to step, base colour, lid, crease and liner. Makes it super simple and fast.

Glossy Nude Lip
Concentrate the gloss in the center of the lip to make it appear the largest. Picking a colour with a little bit of glimmer in it will also reflect the light to make your pout look it’s plumpest. We love Principessa Kitten Pink Gloss $16.

Dewy Skin
Nothing looks healthier than soft, dewy skin. Takes years off a face! Stila’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer $42 is perfect for this. It has a hint of coverage, a little bit of shimmer and still protects you with SPF 15.

Red Lips
Nothing is more classic than a red lip. Your best bet is to pick a moisturizing lip stick, some reds can be very matte which can dry out your lips completely. Avoid this by sticking with a hydrating formula. Try Kevyn Aucoin Blood Roses $28.

Strong Brows
Gone are the days of pencil thin brows. Natural thick brows are all the rage so start growing! If you’ve already over “tweezed” then bring out the brow powder and fill those suckers in. We love Paula Dorf’s Paula Dorf’s Brow Powder $28, it comes with two colours and some wax to help hold your brows in place.

Maybe I will do one of these instead... we will see...

Have you picked your New Years Resolution yet? Do you make a new one every year?

I have decided to have two: Do some form of exercise everyday (this one is both mine and John's), and floss every night (no matter how tired I am)

Whatever You are doing on New Years Eve, I wish you a great night, and the most AMAZING start to 2012! 

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