Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Word Day

(Picture from March Vogue Issue)

Did you send out holiday cards this year? For some reason this year, it has taken me a full two weeks to actually get through writing and sending mine out. Typing obviously takes the place of writing now, so my hand cramped every couple letters I wrote. Amazing how true the saying, "if you don''t use it, you'll loose it." really is.

This weekend is filled with John's work party, my cookie exchange, a family dinner, and an ugly sweater party... What will you be up too this weekend? Holiday gift shopping? Baking cookies? Wrapping gifts? Packing up for next weeks travels?

Whatever it is you will be up to this weekend, please do me one little favor... take some time to relax, rewind, and enjoy some quite...whether with a nice cup of tea and a book, playing with your animal, taking a mid-day nap... believe me, the next weekend will be hectic for all of us, and resting up now can really help your body, mind and soul.

Ok, I will be done asking favors from you now, and will leave you with Fridays word!

Elate: to make proud or joyful; marked by high spirits

*Synonym: joy, delight, thrill, bliss

 Pronounced \i-ˈlā-təd\

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