Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back to the Roots

A few years ago in late Spring, I was buying my groceries at a local farmers market. While I was walking around the beautiful display of fresh baked bread and cookies, fragrant cut flowers and vibrant fruits and vegetables, I stopped at a table filled with fungi. There were a few different types of mushrooms, and I decided to pick one at random. 

That was one of the best culinary choices and food experiences that I have ever made. 
I still do not know exactly what kind of mushroom I ate, but they were incredible and beyond any taste I would have ever expected from a mushroom. 

Now, I have stumbled upon this awesome mushroom kit that not only grows gourmet mushrooms, but uses recycled coffee grounds to do so! Awesome!

If anyone is looking for an unique gift for one of your foodie loved ones,(and you happen to know they love mushrooms like me! ) this would really make an impressive find! 

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