Friday, November 25, 2011

Tea Pot or Tea Kettle?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! John had to work, so I ended up running to the store in the morning and making an impromptu feast. It was wonderful having each other, and it really put into perspective what I am really thankful for. 

Now we have arrived on Black Friday - the day for shopping. After one store this morning, I had to come home! People were pushing, grabbing at the same products, and just plan crazy... I did get some great things, but my urge to continue shopping downtown  was absolutely squashed! 

When I came home, I ate leftovers from dinner, and made myself some yummy coffee in my french press... I have a Bodum water kettle to heat my water fast (and love it), but do miss the beauty of a real tea kettle. I mean, the electirc kettle is fast, simple, off the stove and easy... but the classic tea kettle is just warmer looking, classic, and whistles when it's ready... If you have to pick, which one would you prefer? 

(The exact one I have in my kitchen)

(Such a great colored kettle!) 

I still have not made up my mind...ahh the complexes of a gray thinker...

Are you ready for Fridays word? I know I am, and good luck using it this weekend! 

Tacenda - Things to be passed over in silence; matters not to be mentioned; better left unsaid.

*Synonyms: inferred, implied, unspoken

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