Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Best Sleep

Did you know, that sleeping on your belly, or side can cause premature wrinkles? EEEKKK!
I read this fact in a magazine a few weeks ago, and tried to brush it off as fallacy...but when I went to check out some research on the subject, reliable sources relayed the same information!
 Here is the article I found from CNN, that really breaks down the pros and cons of sleeping on your back, side and belly... I am definitely going to try harder to sleep on my sagging boobs and wrinkles for me, thank you! 


  1. I've heard this before too, and as I'm paranoid about wrinkles, have tried SO hard to sleep on my back. No matter what I always wake up on my belly :( Sad day. Guess wrinkles are inevitable for me!

  2. Haha, me too! no matter how hard I try, I always flip over...maybe we can invent something to hold us in place...but I bet wrinkle cream is cheaper. xo

  3. sagging boobs????where would they go?
    ha ha

  4. bahahaha....well some people just do not have the same problems, now do they! xo jmoksha



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