Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Poppy Seed Situations

I just heard a story of someone who ate lemon poppy seed muffins everyday and failed a work drug-test because of it... wasn't this just a joke created on Seinfeld (let me jog you back to the 90's when Elaine was fired for eating too many poppy seed muffins... ring a bell now?)
Now, this probably would not have been something I took interest in, but as I am eating a poppy seed muffin at the moment, I do wonder what these little black seeds will do after I finish my chew...

 And.....this is what I found!
  • poppy seeds are highly nutritious and less allergetic compaired to other nuts and seeds
  • High in the minerals calcium, copper, manganese, and Iron
  • Can have a soothing affect and act as pain killers for your body
Cool right? I know! Lesson here = eat poppy seeds in you food, but try to steer clear of them before a drug test...problem solved...phew!

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