Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday Word Day

Yesterday I heard a mother refer to her baby as "chubberbutt" while she showed new photo's on her computer to friends.... hehehe, perfect! Lately, I've been feeling like a chubberbutt and I know my diet has not been as healthy as it should. After Thanksgiving, I will be doing a "Jules Cleanse"...It really is just a four-day cleanse (I made up a few months back) that I did with a few of my girlfriends... Do you think you would like to do the cleanse with me? I will post the details the week after Thanksgiving, and if you want to join, we can support each other! Think about it...

Before we get to the Friday word, I wanted to post this awesome Google-YouTube clip.. It is so cute and makes me tear up every time I see it!

What a great idea, right!

Ok, it's now officially time for Fridays word, that is courtesy of my good friend Claire...she suggested I use it, and I couldn't pass up her great suggestion! 

Ameliorate- Making (something bad or unsatisfactory) better. 

*Synonym: improve, amend, enhance 

Wonderful word...don't you agree? 


  1. 1. I def. want to know about the cleanse!

    2. That video is truly adorable. =)

  2. 1. Great! get ready for it!

    2. I know...totally keeping it in the brain for later years.

    xo Jmoksha

  3. how do you pronounce this word?
    how doyou use it in a sentence?
    I want in on the cleanse too.
    Carl needs an anti-inflammatory diet and Dr. Weil suggested a mediteranean diet. would the cleanse help with inflamation?
    love you

  4. You pronounce it like this, uh-meel-yuh-reyt, and yes, the cleanse would be a great kick-start to an anti-inflammatory diet. If you are a fan of Dr. Weil's work, I would suggest his book "Healthy Aging". It is a wonderfully fast read and breaks down his anti-inflammatory diet really well.

    xo Jmoksha



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