Monday, November 21, 2011

Poncho Love!

Cold weather is here to stay in the Midwest, and I need to figure out ways to make the best of it...This year, there will be no complaining out of me! It's really silly how we seem to find the problems with every season, and get stuck on them like molasses. Don't we all have enough to worry about? 
  As I mentally remove the "seasons" from my worry category, I start to think about reasons why I love the, blankets, fires, and clothing...oh  yes, clothing! 

My freeze-baby body loves to be wrapped up in a poncho! Seriously, I just cannot get enough of them! It all started about ten years ago, as I was looking for a Halloween costume in the attic. In an old dusty box I just happened to open, sat a beautiful Mexican poncho, and I instantly fell in love! My mother tried to convince me not to wear it out, but I just could not listen (as was usually what happened when it came to my mothers orders and clothing choices...what a bad girl I was). This same poncho is still part of my wardrobe, and I do not see it ever really leaving! I am pretty sure my mother still hates it, but it was just the beginning of my deep love for over sized, draping,  wrap-around clothing.

 (Here's the poncho! Picture from my college years...miss them!)

 What are some of your favorite things about the cold? Wherever you live, lets work together to embrace the seasons. It's about time we focus on the things we love about seasons, before mother earth sweeps the next one in!


  1. SUPER easy DIY for a wool poncho from A Beautiful Mess blog:

    best part of this was my discovery that you can order fabric from Mood (as seen on Project Runway!) for this project or any other fabric-required project :)

  2. So fun! DIY time called and it told me to make a poncho! Thanks for the great site! We should make them together! xo jmoksha



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