Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Wednesday is Here

(Mom and I in our PJ's!)

Happy Black Friday! One of my besties just explained to me that, not all areas of the U.S. celebrate the day before Thanksgiving by partying all night with family and friends...crazy for my Midwest mind to process! Will you be going out tonight with family and friends? Staying in to prep the Turkey? Will you be celebrating at all? 
Thanksgiving has always been my absolute favorite holiday, and this year, John and I will be celebrating it with his family. As I started to pack my bag for his families house, I could not figure out what pajama's to bring. 
Usually I bring sweatpants to wear, but I hate sleeping in sweats... It is my observation that cute pajama's can make you feel beautiful and add a sense of luxury to bedtime. So what is appropriate, and still cute? Obviously not a romper (but isn't this one so cute!) and I do not want to wear anything too thin or revealing... nice pajama flannels (the one's I am wearing in the picture, got them here)? Thats is still cute, warm, and appropriate...don't you think? 
Maybe I am over-thinking this, but I am still not used to having so many boys around (John is one of three boys!). Whatever you are doing and wearing tonight, I hope you feel wonderful and have a great time doing it! Tomorrow morning is around the corner, and I am ready to watch that parade

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