Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tattle Tale

Do you ever tattle on yourself? My sister used to think she had to tell every single thing she ever thought to her now husband... and sometimes I feel as though I tell too much, too often as well. Like calling John to make sure he knows I have not worked out or applied to all the jobs I was supposed to...not just once, but three times throughout his what the heck is that accomplishing? I need to start practicing the use of up-stream thoughts again... have a talked about this before? If so, pardon the next few lines:) Upstream thoughts are the ones that you wanted to share, but the time passed where you were it was appropriate to say it and the thought went upstream...or if you felt like you wanted to say something, but a little time past, and you opt not to say it... those are defiantly upstream thoughts!

So here I am with a heart and a brain that wants to share all ideas, thoughts, and theories, (much like my sisters old ways...) training them both to wait.... and think... just for a minute, to make sure what I am sharing does not really belong upstream.... I tell yea, this self control stuff is harder than I thought. 

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