Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Can You Concentrate?

I think I have a disease where the act of concentration slowly deteriorates from me... If I don't fix myself soon, I am going to be one big blubbering mess! So what are the culprits? Too many shiny things to look at? caffeine? over stimulating ads? life problems I think I should know but don't?

hmm... I do not know what is happening to me, but I better figure it out before something horrible happens... or before John really wants to kill me...

Here's a little story for ya...When I was in kindergarten, I was so hyperactive, my kindergarten teacher pronounced me unteachable...who does that? I mean, sure I fell out of my chair a lot, and put my clothes on backwards and inside-out... but unteachable was a far stretch.... now fast forward 18 years later to my Dad's funeral (he worked for my old grade school, hence the connection) and there is that damn teacher. Not only does she remind me of how hyper I was as a child, but she ends her sentence with " I just cannot believe you turned out like this"... The this meaning not on the streets, cleaning houses for a living, etc.
Great teacher right? Anyways there was a point to this story that I am getting to! The big lesson she taught me was that, class, life, the world...they all go on with or without you, so "if you can't seem to stay in a chair, find yourself a beanbag to sit in"...

Point for me equals... if I cannot seem to concentrate at the moment, switch what I am doing, change my goal, and try another angle.

I am chalking up my concentration issue to a little too much thinking time, and a lotta extra energy. Maybe not the best mindset to be in at work, but very helpful on a long run or for dancing...yes...perfect mindset for dancing!

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