Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

How was your Memorial Day weekend? It was gorgeous in Chicago and thankfully I was able to spend a lot of my time outside... John and I biked around with a friend on Friday, and sat at the boat docks chatting and taking in the view... as we sat, it reminded me of how fast-paced city life can be, and strengthened my resolve to be mindful of time.
 Biking around the city is one of my favorite things to do during downtime, and the summer is the perfect season to get out and explore! John gave me his old bike last summer (which I love) but it has always driven him a bit crazy to see me on it...his concerns: the bike is fast, a little too big for my petite frame and I do have trouble reaching the breaks...
 I loved riding it and thought I was in control... until I proved John correct on Sunday, by wiping out in the middle of a busy street...

Besides a few scrapes, a handful of bruises and a wounded ego, I came out unscathed.
 As much as I didn't think so at the time, John was right... I did need a smaller, slower bike for the type of riding I wanted to participate in. We spent the day shopping around for bikes, and found the bike of my dreams (pictured above)! 
John is happy, I am happy, and my bike is extremely happy to have a new home (don't ask how I can tell, I just can). 

The basket I have right now (to hold Ballou) is a little big, but once I find the right size, my bike will be the perfect vessel for city transit... 

While riding around Lakeshore, John and I stopped to rest, and these cute little duckies were bobbing for food... I love how their butts pop up in the air when they dive for their catch...such a silly way to eat! 

Any stories from the weekend you want to share? I would love to hear them!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend, and have a wonderful Tuesday!

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