Monday, May 21, 2012

All You Should Eat

Hello Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It was a great one for me, as I was able to spend an entire day lounging with one of my best friends before she sets off to move. I also met some pretty awesome girls this weekend and cannot wait to hang out with them again! 

Last night, John and I were able to eat outside on the back porch and enjoy a really nice dinner. In the midst of cooking, I started thinking about the portions of what we should be eating, and how easy it is to over indulge if more was sitting there on the table . I decided to put half of the food away, and  keep make just enough to fill two bellies perfectly.

As John and I talked about how and what we eat, he shared a little fact I found important. Humans are predisposed to over-eat, as our ancestors never really knew when their next meal would be. In fact, those who were able to over-eat the most, were typically the ones that survived longer! Interesting right? Taking this into consideration, limiting the food offered at the get-go seems even more important in maintaining a healthy weight.    I know I will be thinking about this fact the next time I make a large meal, and hope you do too!

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