Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Word Day

Hello to all my Friday people! What will you be up to this weekend?
If you happen to find yourself in Chicago, be careful on the streets! NATO has taken over and there is protesting and activities all around the city. Hopefully, the protests will stay peaceful and positive... but we all know how easy it is for situations to go array when emotions are involved... John came home reporting incidents of flying CaCa aimed at people walking out of the Board of Trade! 
Besides avoiding the NATO extravaganza, my weekend will be filled riding my bike, hanging with John and Ballou, shopping with a girlfriend and (hopefully) planting the second half of my seeds.
Hopefully I will have time to make a nice meal as well...any new recipes you suggest I try?

 With whatever you are doing this weekend, make sure save some time for relaxation and rest!

OK, OK, enough of the wait! Here is your  Friday Word:

Ethereal- characterized by lightness and insubstantial; intangible; delicate.

*Synonyms: airy, celestial, dainty

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