Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Word Day

The weekend is knocking on our door, and I am ready to answer!
Claire moves this weekend to pursue the rest of her degree in Pittsburg, and we had a little going away dinner last night... Jess and I ended up drinking cosmopolitans and I can honestly say, it was my first time ordering that drink - but probably not the last time because it was delicious!

This weekend, John and I are going on a long bike ride and we plan on cooking out as well... Any fun long-weekend plans for you? I hope you all have a great Memorial day, and please come back to say hello on Tuesday!

Long Weekend To-Does:
Ok, last but not least, here is the Friday Word of the Day:

Radiance- the quality and state of being radiant; being bright

*Synonyms: glowing, gleaming, light, lustre 

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