Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stay-in Bed Day

On the go,go,go this morning and still soooo sleepy  -very strange for me, as I am one of those annoying morning people- but not today I, no. Today I didn't really feel like getting out of bed... It's one of those, stay-in-bed/movie-watchen/ordering-in/nap-till-noon kinda days...I think it is going to rain later today anyways...
 Stay-in-bed-days are just not the same when you don't have a friend with you, and I think I would really go crazy after a few hours of staying still..Probably a good thing John is at work, and I am on a search for work... no lazy days over here. Maybe my coffee will snap me back in work mode...wish me luck!


  1. Good Luck Jules! I slept in until 11am today =)

  2. Thanks Abby!...needing all the luck I can get! xo-Jules



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