Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Word Day

What will you be up to this Halloween weekend? John hates Halloween, and does not want to dress up... I didn't even know not liking Halloween was an option? What is going on with people not liking holidays? Has the World turned into Scroog-land? It is my opinion, the crux of this notlikingholidays issue, is that Americans don't have enough holidays to celebrate in general, therefore see the ones we do have as more of a chore than a gift.
 Everyday can be a celebration! I wonder if Occupy Wall Street people could help me implement a bi-weekly Holiday...I should start it, Occupy Holiday!
Ok, Ok, I know that would also be a lot of work, but I think it could really jump-start our economy! (I can feel my Uncle Mike and Eddy rolling their eyes at me just about now).

I will stop with my mini tangent, but would love to hear your opinion on this matter! Are you a Holiday Hoochie like me, or a Bah-Humbug like John? 

Either way, I love you anyways and hope you enjoy your weekend... and here is your Friday word!

Crux -a basic, decisive, vital, or pivotal point 

* Synonyms: essence, heart, core

P.S. Crux can also mean a perplexing difficulty, or can be another word for cross as well...just letting you know! 

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