Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just Keep Swimming!

(Picture of John and I from summer...less swimming and more relaxing with friends!)

Have you been swimming lately? Lordy, I decided to add it into my workout, and I don't remember it being so challenging. Didn't I spend my childhood summers swimming around in a pool? Wasn't I in good enough shape to jump right in like Phelps? nope!
You see, my anxiety has been running a bit on the higher side lately, and I thought a great workout would really help to calm me down...swimming sounds perfect right? Wrong! Well, wrong if you made your goal 20 laps like I did. By the second lap, I wanted to go home...but I stuck it out and made it through all 20 of my striving-oh-so-high goal!

By the time I got home and showered, my energy was zapped and my body felt extremely sore, (and not the good sore). Frantic to feel better, I shoved two banana's, a handful of carrots, water and tea down my throat...that didn't help as quickly as I was hoping it too, so I called John, who laughed and told me to relax and watch a movie...seeing as I am horrible at relaxing for long periods of time, I decided to go on a little walk and come home to do what always helps me feel better...window-web shop!

If I were a real swimmer, this would be my wish list:
Even though swimming presented itself as a great challenge than I predicted, I know that I will keep add it. Just the amount of air you get into your lungs is amazing, and I know my immune system will stay stronger throughout winter because of it. Do you swim all season long? Any swimming tips you want to share? Don't be a stranger, let me know!


  1. Hi Jules! We miss you here at the NSLC!
    I was on the swim team in high school and taught child/adult swim classes. My biggest recommendation is to use both a Kick Board AND a Pull Buoy during your workout (But not at the same time :-)). The Kick Board will allow you to build strength in your legs and have a fun chat with your swim partner. The Pull Buoy is great for us ladies who need to increase arm strength and practice breathing to the side. Also, if you haven't already, master the "Flipturn" it will save you time and energy in your workouts. Let me know if you have any questions or technique tips! Good Swim!

  2. 20 Laps?! That's awesome.

    I've been thinking about adding swimming to my workouts as well. But truth be told, I haven't really swam in a long time. So I'm a little intimidated to go to the gym and take the plunge. Maybe a new one piece suite will inspire me. =)

  3. Katie, I never thought about using a Kick Board! get suggestions, and I will be calling you soon for more advice on this "flipturn"! your the best!

    And I am convinced a new bathing-suit will be just what I need to get me motivated...I think it could work for you too!!!



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