Monday, October 10, 2011


As far back as I can remember, camping has always been a constant activity that threaded through my life. When I asked John if he would like to plan a trip this year, the answer was a strong and determined NO...I am shocked that people actually do not enjoy camping! Ok, I get that there are bugs, and a lack of electricity, bathrooms and heating/cooling... but there is so much to experience without our common amenities around  holding our hands.

A friend and I stumbled upon my camping dilemma problem while chatting it up during lunch this past weekend, and she promised to help plan a trip in a cabin this fall... I am hoping John will have so much fun and maybe I could convince him to move onto a tenting trip!

This week I will (hopefully) start organizing a group of people and our little cabin-camping trip. When I started to think about supplies I need to buy I put a trip to REI on my to-do list, but these fast drying travel towels I found from The Container Store are super useful and pretty neat!

What are your thoughts on camping? Are you one with the great outdoors, or more of an indoor kinda person?

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