Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Season Now

Why is it that the American grocery stores do not believe in SEASONS anymore? In our fast, convenient hungry society, we have demanded all produce year round. This seems fine, until you actually take a bite of that tomato bought in mid January. Tasting more like the plastic tomatoes in my childhood play-school kitchen than the actual veggie, it sits in the refrigerator rotting, rotting away. And at least it does actually rot, because most "food" that can be found in American grocery stores are chalk full of preservatives, giving it a life span longer than our own. I wish we could all take a little bit of time out of our crazy lives and pay attention to what we are putting in our cart. In the end, it is our bodies, our vitality, and our taste-buds that suffer. Here are some great tools to use when looking for what is in season and how we can eat as local as possible. Lets use our money and our forks to push a much needed food revolution. Everyone eats, so every person makes a difference. If you start, maybe you can inform others, and that is how sustaining trends last. You have more power than you think. Use it.

To check out what is local and fresh around your neighborhood:

Season produce guide:

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