Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Girl Scout Cookie Craze

What is it about girls scout cookies that make people crazy? Do we order them in massive quantities because they are unattainable to us, all but once a year? Do they bring back childhood memories, making you nostalgic with every thin-minty bite? Or is it because they are really the best tasting cookies in the whole wide world? I have to say, my sister sent me a care package yesterday with homemade chocolate chip cookies, that blow the trefoils I am snacking on now, out of cookie water. For some reason this year, I decided to order five boxes of cookies. Now, what in the world am I going to do with all of these cookies? Eat them..I know... Immediately, I stuck all but two boxes in the freezer, in between the butter and frozen salmon. My Hope is that I will magically forget about their existence. Yea...right. I never buy cookies, so why do I feel the need to order every year from those darn scouts? I think we do it because of the tradition. They may not really be the best cookies in the world, but everyone has an absolute favorite type. They are good enough to come back for more. As a former girl scout, I remember walking door to door with an order form and a big smile. This was my first real adventure into the world of sales. I would never in a million years walk into a grocery store and plop five boxes of cookies into my cart, but ordering from a cute little girl scout keeps one feeling anthropic. The guilt sets in later when you eat a whole sleeve by yourself... all in one sitting. Quickly realizing, they are still, sugar filled, and covered, cookies. Lesson learned: girl scout cookies are still bad for you, no matter how great the cause is behind them. As I look at one of my boxes, I read the three words in bold yellow writing. Courage, Confidence, Character. I hope that is what those girls are getting out of their cookie sales experience. As the consumer, all I have is an upset stomach.

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