Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goji's and Chocolate

The pomegranate popped, the acai slid over. Now, Goji berries are the new 'yum yum' antioxidant fruit of the moment, and seem to be added in everything. An Asian berry that has been used for centuries, goji has been known to help common aliments, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Other berries have a lot of the same benefits, but goji's rank among the highest in every health category.

About a year ago,I joined into the antioxidant craze and purchased a big ol' bag...one big problem...I hated the taste. My tongue just could not enjoy their texture or flavor. I would take a bag of raisins any day!

That was until this week. While walking around the city with my fabulous friend Cameron, we happen to stop into Voges for a sample taste. She fell in love with the bacon chocolate bars, but my interest landed on the chocolate goji bar! Chocolate would be the one magnificent element that would make goji's delicious. Instead of buying a bar, I decided to go home and make some chocolatey treats myself. The next day, I took out the pound of dark, organic chocolate a friend gave me, and broke off a chunk. Next, I melted it down, and stirred in a handful of my dried goji berries. Dropping them into clusters on a plate, I put them in the fridge to cool. Once cooled, I tried them, and the verdict is...delicious! And made in perfect time for a friends birthday.

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  1. I am using goji berries in a smoothie since last year when we went to one of our friend's home then she serve us. And I liked it a lot. But this is some different but good combination. Goji Juice



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