Monday, March 1, 2010

Burning Soy

I burn candles when I clean, cook, read, watch a movie, talk on the phone, write, play on the computer,dance, meditate...for every occasion in my life...I burn candles. Candles decorate my apartment. They are something I always have, and always will, splurged on. Why do I consider them a splurge? Because I only buy soy candles, which tend to cost a lot of mulla. I promise, it is money well spent, and I will tell you why in three points:

1. Soy candles have very little soot, keeping the air that we breathe in clean and smoke free.
2. Soy is a big American crop. When we support our farmers, we support our economy. When we buy cheap paraffin candles, the only one's who really benefit are those big business corporations. Use your purchase as a vote..a vote for our farmers and our community.
3. Soy keeps in scent very well, and they also burn way slower than other candles. Invest in one candle and it is like you are buying two.

Candle light lifts moods, helps us unwind, relax,and sets a tranquil mood. We know eating soy has perks and problems, but burning soy is all perks, no problem.

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