Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Perfect Night

Last night was as close to perfect. When I came home from work, John and I decided to finally clean our grill out that we found a year ago. After it was sparkling clean, we shopped at my favorite store (Whole Foods) and went to the hardware store for new grill tools!
 I prepped the food, John manned the grill, and we ate on the porch by the light of a flickering citronella candle. Just thinking about the grilled veggies, corn and avocado salad, and turkey burgers (veg-burger for me) makes my mouth salivate. The Civil Wars were playing in the background, and our conversation was both interesting and inspiring.

Don't you love those perfect nights? The feeling I had was exactly how I think we will always feel in heaven.

*I had pictures from last night, but for some odd reason, they just were not uploading right... these pictures are from Whole Foods website, and are similar to what we ate! Click on them if you want the recipe.

1 comment:

  1. i wish i could have joined you :) can't wait to plan my first milwaukee to chicago visit! xo



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