Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vitamin C Strength

The weather gets nicer and nicer outside, making everyone feel better inside, right? Wrong! As the seasons change, people deal with cruddie sickness. Even I battled a two day flu last week. When temperatures are influx, so too are our body reactions, making transitions less than smooth. In an attempt to curb "seasonal-changing" sickness, I like to load up on extra Vitamin C, to protect my body. Here are some of my main reasons why I love this vitamin, and also, what foods contain large amounts of it!

Vitamin C

- Helps our body absorb water
- As an antioxidant ( along with Vitamins A and E), it works as a protector for our body.
- Necessary for healthy gums and bones, along with scar tissue and tissue growth repair.

Foods Loaded With Vitamin C

Brussels Sprouts
Sweet potatoes
Red Peppers

*Reminder, just because you are consuming higher amounts of Vitamin C, does not mean you should stop eating other nutrient rich foods. Remember: Moderation, Variety, Balance!!

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