Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Support and Love

About three years ago, I was in a wheel chair. My lupus was rearing it's ugly head, and the simple task of walking, let alone moving, was an excruciating task. At one point, I remember looking down at my legs, and thinking,' when I get the ability to walk without pain, I promise never to take my legs for granted'. After a lot of medication, meditation, and healthy food, I was able to walk with very little pain, and have never forgotten the promise made to myself. This weekend, I ran my first 1/2 marathon in Cleveland, Ohio. I ran with one of my best friends in the Universe (Cameron Bell) and we held hands across the finish line. The love from my family and friends surged through me in a way I have never felt at that moment. Honestly, I do not think I have ever felt more loved in my life.
A life lesson was learned. Support is vital to human life. As I looked into my Aunt Patty's tearing eyes, heard my sister screaming voice on the phone, saw my Uncles smile, felt the hug of my mother, and the love of my father, grandmothers, uncles and aunts shining down on me from heaven. As I read the messages sent from my family and friends, I realized exactly why I ran. For, it is the same reason that I worked so hard to find my health once again. It is for those people who fill my heart with love, and who support me through my highest high, and my lowest low. It is for my friend Annie, who forced me out of the house during chemo, covering my eyes at the parts of a movie that would make me nauseous. It is for my sister Bri's excitement of shaving her head with me, so that I would not be alone if I lost my hair, or Aunt Kathy's little goodie packages and cards written with pure love. It is my friend Brittany, living clear across the globe, and still taking the time to call me regularly, just to say I love you, or Caeli's love letters (e mails really) that go on and on and on. Support is my girlfriends Marjani and Maggie sitting with me through heart break, or laughing with me (and joining in) as I dance in their living room. It is for my brothers goofy phone call's and my cousins prayers.
I do not think I could have ran any distance without the support of my family and friends. For you I run. For you l live. Thank you for filling my heart with reasons to love. Reasons to be a better person. Like my legs, I promise to never take you for granted. Always to support you, and never to forget.


  1. beautifully written Jules. I love you.

  2. Beautiful, Julianna. Just beautiful!

  3. I also believe in the spirit~
    Namaste in every way-




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