Friday, May 21, 2010

Frozen Yogurt And A Friend

When college ended, my friends started to disperse into separate directions, and life as I loved it crashed. It was as though a typhoon came cycloning in and savagely destroyed my carefully paved path. Friends moved away, loves fell apart, and my uncertain future consumed every minute of everyday.
As the year went on, fights with friends pursued, love saga's played out, my health wabbled around the edge of disaster, and insecurities about my future escalated. Let's just say, I (along with many of my friends) did not transition in the easiest way.
Finally, the typhoon has passed. I have swam back to shore, letting the cool breeze dry me off, and the hot sun warm my soul again.

As I look back on the past year, I now see beauty that came from the upheaval. My friendships went through the wringer, and the ones that came out on the other side have won my complete heart. They are true and they are strong. They have lasted through heaven and hell. We have made it through a huge curve, and I would trust them with my strong, but sensitive, heart. I mean, you know you have a true friend when you are in the fight of your life with that person, but they still take the time to support you from a distance, and secretly keep up with your blog (thanks rock girl).

One thing that did make me happy over the last year was my consistent consumption of frozen yogurt. Maggie (a friends that went through the wringer and came out even more beautiful) and I, did eat a lot of it. If we were happy, sad, mad, indifferent, we would meet at our favorite fro-yo joint, and enjoy the cool, probioticy treat. This was our safe haven... our sanctuary, where we could just be, no matter what was cycloning around us. Looking back, I never would have thought our meeting and eating (still in moderation) would be my silver lining. But, it was, and will forever be what I remember the most from that year. Look back into your last year. No matter how horrible it was, I bet you will find a silver lining's taking the time to remember there is always some good. I promise.

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