Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sitting in Silence

"The Bee never gathers for tomorrow: today is enough unto itself." - Gautam Buddah

OOOOOOOHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM...Meditation is something I practice on a regular basis. Believe me when I say it is not just for the enlightened hippity dippity beings. For me, it calms my mind and balances my energy. My sister always tells me that she needs to start meditating, but cannot find the time to/ does not really know how. I have tried to guide her, but she is set in her brain that her life does not have the space for meditation. I understand this very well, because this used to be me..In the western world, life moves at such a rapid pace, and we humans make it to the end of the day completely exhausted. A half of an hour meditation (let alone cooking a healthy meal) is the last thing most feel like doing... until they feel the unbelievable power and clarity a meditation can bring. I know that someday soon, meditation will be in her blackberry planner, and part of her everyday life...well, here's to hoping anyways...

A place to start? Sit....sit in a calm, quite location. Sometimes when I am really wired, I first make myself a cup of fabulous herbal tea, sit in an extraordinarily comfortable location, and read a book aimed around something I love (sometimes I read through cook books, health/alternative healing books, travel books, etc.)...When I find myself in a bit of a calmer mindset, I start my meditation.
- sitting with your legs cross, in half lotus, or just in sitting position, make sure you are upright- want to keep your back straight and also be comfortable so that you won't fidget.
- shut your eyes and put hands on lap. Now, pay attention to your breathing, but do not in any way attempt to change it. Simple notice it coming and leaving the body, Focus on the sensation starting at the tip of your nostrils, & the rising and falling of the abdomen area.
- your mind will start to wander, but gently and without judgement, bring your attention back to the breath.

Now, there are many different variations of meditation, and activities one can do and think about with in the practice, but my suggestion is to start here..see where this takes you. Let in the peace.

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  1. ok, I will try it today. I promise. right after I take Ellen to her library class and then put her down for her nap. I will try it in between loads of laundry and getting her lunch ready. or after I workout. If I have the time for that. Oh and the dog needs to go for a walk at some point. But by then Ellen will be awake....and. it. starts. all. over. again.
    lol. I love you Jules. I promise. Today is the day.



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