Sunday, January 17, 2010

Health, what's it to you?

Health. What does it mean to you? I seem to be obsessed with the concept, and how I can make others understand the importance/implications healthy living has on ones quality of life and longevity on Earth.
First, I need to take an inventory of what my reality of health is. For me, health is the overall condition and well being of one's body, spirit and mind. Innately, I am a nurturer. But for so long, much of my energy was spent attempting to nurture others, and, by default, I ignored parts of my own health. Over the past few years, my path has been focused on becoming the best version of me..body, mind and spirit. I realize now that I am no use to any other being unless I am strong, confidant, and above all, healthy.
New years resolution for 2010:to become healthy:....body....mind...spirit.
What can you do for your health?

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  1. This reminds me of a lovely conversation we had this fall over tea and crackers. Probably sipping out of those very mugs that you wrote about. Your posts are delightful and insightful and thoughtful, I love that you take the time to share.



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