Friday, January 15, 2010

Lemon Water

We have all heard the saying, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade". Great theoretic concept, but if we were to take this literally, drinking sugary lemonade every day is defiantly not good for you either... Eventually your teeth would start to rot, and what about all of the diabetics in the world? we are leaving their needs out...also, If life was always sweet, we would not have room for the savory. So my point you ask, well it is really very simple...just drink lemon water-no sugar needed! Every morning and every night I drink a glass of hot lemon water. Why? Because hot lemon water actually aids one's digestive system, and helps the elimination process, while preventing constipation and diarrhea. Cool right?...even better, lemons are packed with vitamin C, which has therapeutic properties, helps protect immune systems, and rejuvenates skin! Further, Drinking it hot (or warm) makes the body work to cool it down, thus burning calories as well. In the morning, I usually wake up to Ballou's step, I stretch..... heat up water..... get dressed......pour hot water in a travel mug and squeeze some juice from a lemon (I always have a couple in the fridge at all times)...I drink my lemon water on my morning walk with Ballou. Just by drinking hot lemon water and walking in the morning is enough to energize me for the rest of the day.
Mentally I am at peace, and physically I am satisfied. If only the rest of life's problems could be solved this simply.
Thanks to both of my parents having a horrendously strong sweet tooth, I too battle with sugary cravings. My fix? I make my hot lemon water and add a little honey or agave to sweeten the deal..just remember, as with everything in life, to use moderation for this too!

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