Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This morning I woke up...feeling horrible. I do not know what happened in my sleep that made me so upset, but today has just been really hard. Last night I went to see the movie, A SERIOUS MAN, with a friend, and left confused (will have to see it again to make a fair judgement). I came home happy, let my dog out, came in happy, and went to bed. I have no real reason to wake up sad, but it is what happened, so I will now spend my day trying to change it! First thing on my happy list is to talk to my sister, answer. Next on my happy list is to talk to my best friend Cae....she is having an even worse day than i am starting to panic. What if I am doomed to have the worst day of my life today and it is totally out of control and the happy world as I know it is coming to a sinister end??? Next idea is to take a shower..all goes well..phew. Next step is getting dresses and styling hair...Cannot find and outfit and hair looks like absolute craplatte...want to get back in the shower where I was feeling happy. As I am about to get back into the tub, I look down and see my fabulous silver headband. Yes, I can so this! I can put my hair back into a headband, put on some simple makeup, wear all black with a small splash of color in a scarf, and I can make it through this day alive. It is only noon now, so most of the day is still yet to happen, but I know that I can make it better. You see, it is as simple as a headband. I put it on and my hair was taken care of. All of a sudden, my face didn't look as tired and worn...and yes, I know enough to not get too carried away.. I am still going to wear all black. But looking in the mirror with my headband on, I realize that, in order to appreciate the good days, you have to have some bad days. As I take a deep breathe, I will try to remember how I feel in this moment, and when I have a good day (hopefully tomorrow) I will be that much more thankful for the the day and all of the wonderful feelings that come with it.
Right now, I am going to take Ballou for a long walk...just because I am having a crappy day, doesn't mean she has to..She is sleeping on my chair next to me...She makes me happy.

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