Friday, January 29, 2010

Eating Energy

Tired all the time? I know I am. So much to accomplish everyday (even on my days off) and never enough time to finish. For me, no-sleep is not an option. I am the kind of being that needs and enjoys resting, but when I wake up feeling like Eeyore, I know something is out of balance. If you know me, you would know that I solve almost all of my problems with food! Maximizing one's energy can be as simple as increasing vitamin C to boast metabolism, & vitamin B's, which help the adrenal glands function properly, staving off energy lulls. Even more, here are just a few different energy foods that will help with that extra needed lift.

Some suggestions from Dr. Gillian McKeith's Book: You Are What You Eat

Oats- packed with energy nutrients and help regulate blood glucose levels, helping concentration and alertness.
Parsley- Chalked full of nutrients. Parsley has more vitamin C than citric fruits, very high levels of vitamin B12 and the list goes on!
Grapes- Very high levels of Magnesium, helps in the process of converting energy to glucose; a very therapeutic value of grapes.
Yams- Loaded with Vit. C, they detoxify & balance hormones & blood glucose levels, leading your energy levels to be constant.
Squash- Helpful in strengthening the digestive functions by motivating the circulation of energy meridians.
Sunflower Seeds- Packed with Magnesium, vitamins, protein, Iron, copper, EFA's, B complex and more! They give instant energy. The flowers are beautiful to look at & the seeds are even better to eat!

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