Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Word Day

We are back around to Friday, and I can feel in my bones the goodness of the day... What are you going to be doing tonight? Anything fun, adventurous or crazy? Yeah, me either...

You want to know what I am going to do? Well, let me spell it out for you with some fun blocks:
Good idea, right? 

John is probably the best "rester" in the entire Universe, and he has really taught me a thing or two about sitting still (if you can believe it!). At this present moment in my life, I can make it through a whole movie, and some times I can even take naps! 

It sounds funny when I write it out like that...I never realized that I never really took time to rest until I started to date a "rester". But, our culture teaches us to go, go, go...and once you're done, go some more. What happened to our siesta?  How many people spend their precious lunch break running errands, making call's, or just working right through? 

Now is the time to make a conscious choice and relearn the art of will do more than just your body good. 

Quietude- a quiet state; repose

*Synonyms: calmness, peace, restfulness 

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