Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Power of Importance

Just a thought I had:

There is power in the feeling of importance that drives people to act a certain way. Importance changes our responses to situations; without the feeling of importance, we would not have reason to live or be motivated to be more in life. Importance is a tool used for gauging worth, and can change the coarse of ones life when used.

If you have some time today, think about what is important in your life and why you categorize it as so. Are you driven to be better, stronger and healthier because of what is important to you?

Sometimes there are things, people and situations that make it into my importance category and they really do not belong. When I am able to take some time and meditate about the concept of importance, clarity about who I am and why I behave the way I do comes to fruition and helps me stay true to myself, my values and my beliefs.

Thank you for reading my blog, you are the reason for it's importance in my life! 

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