Monday, March 7, 2011

A Beautiful Bed

How many hours do we spend in our beds? As I have said a million times before (and will say a million times more in my life) I believe our bedrooms should be our sanctuaries. Not just a place for sleep, but an oasis for relaxation and replenishment. I remember telling my boyfriends my bedroom ideas when we first started dating, and he simply laughed at my concept. That was until a few months ago... when we were sitting in his bedroom, and as he looked around at all the little changes that have been made, he said "Jules I get what you meant now when you explained the importance of a bedroom, and I love mine." 
Wow,  how this simple phrase made my day and filled my heart. As I sit now on my own little bed, I realize that it is what holds the heart of the room together. As of now, I am on a hunt for a new bed and have been on the search for over a year now. One of my favorite places to look is IKEA, where I have found some of my top favorites (in pictures above!). These beds have removable slips that can be dry cleaned! Genius I tell ya. 

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